About vision

Our Vision

Rethinking Shopping

An estimated 40% of global internet users, or more than 1 billion people, have bought products or services online, yet we at abentra view available shopping platforms as "seller" driven ones rather than "shopper".

We believe the ultimate online shopping experience is a one that is shopper-centric. We are designing a new approach to shopping for the things we all need in our daily life, starting with what we think are most common categories and evolving to offer more and more categories. It is our mission to bring you a simple, secured, and intuitive shopping experience.

About platform

Our Platform

Simple & Intuitive

Our shopper-centric platform makes the shopping experience simpler and hustle free. abentra’s proprietary software with its enriched features is tuned for meeting the needs of what shoppers are really looking for, without having to explore the hundreds or thousands of confusing options on the web.

The "ask" and "proposal" forms are designed with simplicity and speed in mind, offering what we hope to be a pleasant experience for all users.

About team

Our Team

Built with Expertise

From years of developing intuitive software, to designing hundreds of go-to-market consumer strategies across the globe, our staff of technology veterans lead their fields in both experience and ingenuity. We've come together from some of the world's foremost companies to make your online shopping experience a pleasant reality.

Interested in working with us? Email jobs@abentra.com.